3 Ways Your Opposite Personality Type Can Help You Succeed

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“He drives me nuts”

“I can’t stand it when she …”

“He’s always …”

“She never …”

Sound familiar? These are quotes you might hear everyday from co-workers and friends. They all have one thing in common. They are shortchanging both the person complaining and the person being complained about.

If you are having a difficult time with someone on your team (or your boss, or someone else on your volunteer committee, for instance), consider shifting your thinking to these ideas:

Opposite personality types give you new perspectives

If you are a responsible, structured, organized SJ personality type (Gold), the people who partner with you probably rely on you to research a time-tested, proven way to accomplish a task and persevere all the way to the end to see it gets done. A “forget the rules, just get it done now” SP personality type (Red) might shake you up a little with their bold, risky and rogue suggestions, but taking a few of those suggestions might allow you to overcome a challenge or finish earlier than you thought you could. [Continue reading]

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Work Doesn’t Owe You Career Satisfaction

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When I start working with career coaching clients, usually I'm reminded of the guy who hated tuna fish. This guy worked construction and every day he and his buddies would sit in a group and eat lunch together. He'd open his lunch and complain, … [Continue reading]

Finding Your Strengths by Annoying People

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You've heard about finding your strengths through personality type and by figuring out which work activities give you energy. Now let's look at another way to find them by turning a negative into a positive. Defining talent and strengths Marcus … [Continue reading]

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J/P Personality Type Differences and Business Strengths

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3 Parts of Career Satisfaction


Great things often come in threes. The famous three points of terrific speeches. Fabulous movies trilogies like Lord of the Rings. Famous photographs use the rule of thirds. Satisfying careers are also built on three platforms. Think of them … [Continue reading]

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