Free Personality Type Quiz


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Do the Myers Briggs full codes for personality types confuse you? Is it hard for you to remember your four letter personality type code? The full Myers Briggs descriptions get so overwhelming for some people that they get blocked and can’t move forward to actually using personality type knowledge in their day to day lives. If this applies to you, take this free personality type quiz.

Find Your Totem

What do I mean by totem? Used here, your “totem” combines your animal symbol with your color. Personality type knowledge is easy to apply once you figure out someone’s interaction style (how they act with others) and temperament (why they do what they do). Animals have been used to represent interaction styles (usually the lion, beaver, otter, and golden retriever as symbols) by several experts. Similarly, colors have been used to represent temperaments (I use blue, green, red and gold). In her book Career Match, Shoya Zichy uses an easy quiz to identify temperament styles. I’ve applied her methodology to set up this quick quiz.

Step One: Are You More Directive or Informative?